PRP Facial

The skin rejuvenation treatment Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy uses the patient’s own blood to obtain growth factors. Platelets found in plasma are removed from a sample of the patient’s blood, then injected into areas of the face to augment healing.

Platelets are cells found in the bloodstream that allow blood to clot. When a clot is formed, platelets emit enzymes that boost healing and aid in tissue regeneration by drawing stem cells to the area to help repair damage.

The facial begins when the clinician withdraws a sample of the patient’s blood. The PRP is removed from it. Then this plasma is injected into key areas of the patient’s face using microneedling technology.

These injections spur the production of collagen and the creation of new skin cells rich with human growth elements, which allow skin to heal and renew itself, creating younger, firmer, and more supple skin, giving new life to the patient’s skin with little downtime.