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“When I started investigating Direct Primary Care, and learned how the physician – patient relationship could be restored, I knew it was the direction I had to go!”

Dr Kayrouz’s transition from traditional practice to Direct Primary Care allows her to offer more personal, convenient and affordable care.

For a low monthly fee, your membership to 502 Direct Primary Care will cover wellness exams both adult and pediatric including education, women’s health, chronic disease management, and acute care visits including in office tests for strep, influenza, urinary tract infections, mono, and more. Minor procedures such as skin biopsies, ingrown toenail removals, wart treatments, Nexplanon insertions, joint injections, EKGs, and pulmonary function tests are also included.

As a member, you will also have direct access to Dr Kayrouz by phone, video chat, email, or text. This will allow for not only more personalized, but more convenient care. In a traditional practice a face to face visit in the office is required in order for the physician to get paid. In Direct Primary Care, all forms of communication are covered by the monthly fee, and often an office visit isn’t needed.

Hopefully by joining our family here at 502 Direct Primary Care you can have the relationship you always wanted with your doctor.

502 Direct Primary Care offers a 15 minute virtual or face to face meeting so you can see how our practice will work for you and your family. Call or text 502-805-6448 NOW to schedule your meet and greet with Dr Kayrouz.